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Champion guild is currently recruiting active members. The level requirement is set at 15. You are allowed into the guild as long as you are active and contribute to the guild. If by chance that you know a member in Champion, you will be let in regardless of requirements.
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Welcome to Champion guild site!

  • If you are a member of Champion and have not registered, please register. The register button is at the top. 
  • If you see any members in the guild that haven't registered, please tell them to register.
  • If you have questions or concerns, they can be posted in the help section or the suggestion section of the forum.
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Guild News

New guild website!

rtscent, Oct 13, 11 2:30 PM.
Hello guildies!

As you all well know, our guild is growing at an astonishing rate. To create a sense of unity and organization, I have created this site. Be sure to register and try to be active on this site as it will be our main way of communication aside from the game. Also be sure to update your character information. I will post guides to the Library page whenever I have time. You guys can request anything that you need help on and I will make or find a guide for you. 
Summary of Pages:

Talk about different topics.

Raid Calendar
This will be used to set up future guild wars and instances we are going to run. You can rsvp different events to your liking. You can also request an event to be posted through the suggestion section of the forums.

This is a database of guild members. You guys need to update this information asap. This will help in coordinating future instances and events. It may also influence the requirements for recruitment.

This is a database of guides and information about the guild. 

This is a record of guild members' jobs. This is a place where we can pool our materials together and help each other level our jobs. We can request certain materials, job skill, and recipes. The marketplace is for requesting crafted materials from certain jobs. The needs list is used for materials.

Although we don't have a guild bank at the moment. We can donate items to the guild for other players to use. Things can include gears and mats. Please inform an administrator about the donation so they can post the item to this page.

Mail reception page.

The site is not complete will be going under renovations continually. If you spot any errors or even have suggestions, feel free to tell me or create a thread in the suggestion section of the forums. 

Guild Leader,
So-and-so has logged on!